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Spanish Fly: How Much Do You Know?

In the 18th century, an army doctor from France got his hands on what can be best described as the queerest case of his professional career.

Here’s the story: some soldiers came for a consultation and there they complained of abdominal pain, general body weakness, and aggressively persistent erections.

Most people would think that’s a good thing: being “hard” for an unusual amount of time. NO, IT IS NOT!

There’s a medical condition called priapism, which is defined as “when the male organ is persistently and abnormally erect for unusual amounts of time”.

Which is exactly what happened to these soldiers. But, what caused (or more appropriately, triggered) the hard-ons?

Wait for it.

The problem was that, these soldiers used a Viagra overdose which triggered the persistent hard-ons (pun intended, please).

On a more serious note, the reason was because the soldiers had been eating frogs from a nearby stream and funny enough, the frogs had been eating an insect that had attained “legend” status in the family of insects: the Spanish fly.

I’m fairly sure that, by now you’re probably wondering, “how does all this frog eating and spanish fly anecdotes relate?”

I’ll make it clear as day, I promise you that.

The frog wasn’t the cause. The stream wasn’t the cause.
The culprit was the Spanish fly which the frog ate (talk about one frog’s food being another man’s poison).

Although we’ve identified the root cause of the problem, the question remains, “what was in this Spanish fly that caused all these symptoms?”

Spanish Fly: A Legend In Its Own Right

The Spanish fly is a legendary insect that has courted a lot of controversy over the years (let’s not digress, we’ll talk about this later) and has been employed by various people and countries of the world.

It’s not a fly (as many people think), neither is it found in Spain. In reality, the Spanish fly is a green colored insect belonging to the family of blister beetles, Meloidae, which 3000+ species.

The blister beetles are known for the active chemical Cantharidin, which through time has been used in history as an “aphrodisiac”.

The Cantharidin which is produced by the male Spanish fly, is used for protection from predators (too bad it didn’t work on the frogs). It’s also used during mating, where it is passed to the female Spanish fly to preserve the eggs.

Cantharidin As A Vesicant

So there’s this Spanish fly crawling across your neck. And you’re already reaching out to “splat!” it across your neck?

STOP NOW! Or you’re going to regret that later, believe me.

I mentioned earlier that Cantharidin is used by the Spanish fly for protection from predators — which frankly, you are. That’s right.

The Cantharidin produced by the Spanish fly helps to protect it because it is a vesicant, meaning that it causes blisters to form on the skin of placed in contact with it.

“Splat” that insect on your neck and watch your skin swell up and form blisters just like in a 3rd-degree burn.

In addition, it also affects the mucosa (translated: lining) of the internal organs, with large amounts posing great danger to the body.

The symptoms presented by the soldiers is only a few of numerous symptoms and conditions that come with wrong use of Cantharidin.

More often than not, death is usually inevitable.

That’s why it’s very important to be cautious about the things we do in the search for satisfaction.

That it’s good for the frog doesn’t mean it’s gonna be the same for you.

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Traditional aphrodisiac foods that go well with Spanish Fly

A lot of people misunderstand the concept of libido. For far too many guys, libido is really not much different from erectile dysfunction. In their mind for a man to have a healthy libido this means that everything is working properly in terms of his physiological anatomy and equipment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Seriously, libido is not just about getting it up. It is not just about getting wet. Physical ability is just a small part of sexual arousal. You have to understand that sex originates in your mind. If you are not thinking in a sexual way, regardless of how much Viagra you take or how much a female physical arousal pills your partner takes, nothing is going to work.

The body is ready, willing and able, but the mind is absent. You probably already know that the mind is the general of your body. If your mind goes somewhere, your body will follow it because your mind calls the shots. This is not going to be a problem if you if you want to have sex. But the libido is not there. The good news is by simply changing what you eat, you can boost your libido. You become more emotionally open. You look forward to physical intimacy and you increase your powers of bonding. Thanks to these physical triggers. On a mental level sexual arousal also takes the form of shared experiences, mutual comfort and positive associations.

Another often overlooked aspect of sexual attraction involves fear. When we develop negative associations, it is easy for us to enter a downward spiral and assume the very worst about any kind of experience. These can poison other areas of our lives. We start thinking that we are not capable of certain things or we develop low expectations of ourselves. Guys do this all time when it comes to their ability to get with the ladies. It is all self-inflicted. And it all doesn’t have to take place. Nobody is forcing you to think this way.

Pay attention to this context.

If you want your libido to become healthier, you need to get the right set of triggers. Food is definitely one of them. You can also try a traditional folk libido remedies like the Spanish Fly and others. So what exactly are these eight foods that help you boost your sex drive?


Oysters have been traditionally associated with increased libido and improved sexual performance. A lot of people think that this has something to do with hormones for seafood in general are great for people with thyroid issues.


If you want to get hot in in the bedroom, you might want to load up on jalapenos. Now a lot of Americans think that jalapenos are very, very spicy. They think that they are very hot and are almost inedible. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact if you are looking for a really, really hot pepper, understand that jalapenos are so far away from the hottest peppers.

Sure, jalapenos have a bit of a kick but this is not something anybody need to worry about. The heat of jalapeno is not that intense. Still, if you want to spice up your sex life, you might want to load up on jalapenos. They go especially well with nacho cheese.


Caviar is a very expensive food made out of fish roe or eggs. Caviar has a very interesting taste and its nutrient profile has traditionally qualified as an aphrodisiac. Caviar and its exclusivity can lead to increased levels of confidence in its eaters.


Shrimp is yet another seafood item on this list. As you can tell from the pattern, there has always been a historical association of food coming from the sea helping people with their sex life. You have to understand that in ancient civilizations, the sea and all the animals in it symbolize fertility and productivity. You might just need to compare the reproductive rates of mammals and fishes, it is no comparison. Certain species of fish actually lay milk over 1 million eggs in one sitting. Human beings on the other hand can only manage one or two kids. Do you see the contrast?


Seaweed has specific compounds that help with blood flow as well as with brain functions. Seaweed is not only tasty with sushi but is packed with nutrients that can help you think better on your feet. This is definitely one part of the definition of sexy.


Lobster is really not that different from oysters, shrimp and other foods that have been associated with increased libido. Just make sure that you do not go overboard. You do not want to eat up too much lobster because this might throw you off track health-wise.


Shrimp is very numerous and very tasty. It is high in certain fats that are great for improved brain function.


Have you ever seen those old paintings of people in a Roman orgy scene being fed grapes? Have you ever seen paintings of people having a good time in the middle of a town party or fiesta and they are eating grapes?

Grapes have always been viewed as a luxury. They have always been viewed as food that you whip out during special moments. They are celebratory in nature. People tend to read in quite a bit of meaning into grapes. When it comes to looking for a mental trigger to get sexually excited, grapes definitely do a great job. They go a long way.


Pomegranates have been used and have been eaten in the ancient world for a long, long time. Thanks to its shape as well as its distinct role in certain Greek myths, it is no surprise that a lot of people have traditionally looked at this as an aphrodisiac food.

Aphrodisiac food is just a physical trigger much like Spanish Fly. Keep this in mind because it is too easy to dismiss all these eight sexy foods. If your other options have not panned out things might be just as simple as watching what you eat.

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